2013 So! Who's ready for 2013? Because it's here.

Hope your holiday was super-special and adventurous! Mine wasn't. But that was okay. We were getting back into routine after having Freida home sick for a week with a temp' of 102! 'Twas not much fun. So with her finally back to normal; our New Year's was spent hanging out at home, going for a long walk, doing arts & crafts, having a family dance-off, a casual playdate, and ordering in some dinner. :)

Personally, the solar new year doesn't really mean much to me, but what it does mean is switching over my planner. And that's a pretty big deal. I love looking back at the year and seeing how much I accomplished and how far along I've come since this time last year. 2012 was huge for us as a family: we settled into a new city, a new home, and welcomed a new baby!! Plus, I started up a new work venture with Babyccino and it has been a fabulous experience, and growing ever since!  Plus, I even started doing another one on Tuesdays in Burbank. It's been truly wonderful and I'm so grateful that it all worked out so well, and mostly grateful to all the moms who make it happen by continuously showing up for the fun!! This year ahead of me looks like it will hopefully be one of growth and stability as opposed to last year's change and novelty. (Thank G-d we are very happy and settled here in Los Angeles, and we've grown so accustomed to our life and routine here. It's kinda like we've been here forever... Freida started school this year and is absolutely in love with it, Hudi has her own little schedule and social circle of playmates, and I've been relishing in being able to head out to dinner or a movie with a girlfriend and be home before 10pm, as well as loving having my husband at home for dinner with the family since negating his daily commute.) I'm anticipating  lots of growth in the coming year, as Manasseh and I are on the precipice of a very exciting joint career path - I'll tell you more about that as it continues to develop! :)

But for now, here's what's going down on my desktop! Here's to a very happy and prosperous 2013!

2013 planner switch

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