Stop Motion Magic

liz green bad medicine video I've been sitting for hours at the computer these past few days, catching up on boring work mostly, but I've been working on some fun projects as well. In any case, music is always the only way I get through work days. And good music is even better. But! When the good music comes along with an insanely mind-blowing music video? Well, that's just the kicker.

I've had a few songs on repeat for a while (I'm totally one of those annoying people who can listen to the same track for eons of time before moving on), and when I finally went looking for some creative inspiration and checked out their official music videos - well, I literally have no words for these artistic animated stop-motion magical creations. Prepare to be blown.

(The Shins, The Rifle's Spiral - created by Jamie Caliri)

(Liz Green, Bad Medicine - created by Joseph Brett)

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