Visually Fresh

visually fresh My brother Yossi and his two equally-creative compadres Shloime and Yudi, just launched their pop-up shop selling (mostly YGD) original and inspired art to the masses! Visually Fresh is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a collection of fresh and modern art to be easily purchased, hung, and looked at. :)

visually fresh

But aside from the great art and simplistic shop, I'm totally enjoying browsing around the site and exploring the different levels of these guy's creativity. For instance, the description blurbs next to each piece are as wonderful as the art itself. Like this one:

When you place yourself in a box, don't expect to reach the top. To create, you must let go of all your inhibitions. You need to release your brain from the clutches of limitation. Let your ideas run wild. You can perfect them later.

visually fresh

And there are adorably creative surprises around every corner, like when I accidentally clicked on my empty cart:

visually fresh

But mostly, it's just a slew of wonderfully modern and uplifting typography art. Like this one by Menachem Krinsky:


Inevitably, I'm really being drawn to this one at the moment...

visually fresh

Also, remember the Think Good poster? You can snag one there too. Happy shopping!!

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