Seasonal Snacking

organic green figs I love these Summer months and the garden bounty that comes with them! Suddenly, my crisper drawer is filled with fruits and vegetables that not just taste juicy and succulent, but even smell heavenly. It's like we go 8 months eating generic tomatoes - tasteless, styrofoam versions of the real thing, and suddenly without even noting it, we're cutting up fragrant, fleshy, juicy summer tomatoes! Same with the berries! Whiter-than-they-should-be strawberries that taste pretty much like an extremely watered-down batch of the real thing... But nothing really makes my palate sing quite like summer figs! Green figs, to be exact. This colorful little gems are by far one of my favorite fruits, and I've been pounding suthem all season long. Hudi's been loving them as well, and usually has one or two with breakfast or lunch. And both my girls even chowed down on fig and feta pizza last week! What I'm saying is, go out and get yourself some green figs if you haven't yet this season - they're too good to miss out on! Farmers Market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes all carry organic, locally grown, giant, gooey ones. They're impossibly delicious with sliced Havarti, or a smudge of Camembert. They will only be available for another month or two so get 'em while you can!!

organic green figs

Also, figs seem to be cropping up all over the fad-foodie blogs. Try them in recipes like this, this, and this.

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