pogo music Recently, we've all kind of been obsessing with Pogo Music Productions around here. It all started with Mary Poppins. Freida heard some kids talking about the movie at camp one day, and came home asking to watch Mary Poppins "the funny babysitter". I didn't really have any interest in letting her watch that film yet (she's not really up to feature length films, she's seen maybe two Disney classics and didn't even make it through those without getting bored halfway in), so I thought I'd show her some clips of "the funny babysitter". While searching around a bit online for a good clip, what jumped out at me immediately was this Mary Poppins "remix". It kept coming up, so I realized it must be some kind of new fad or internet phenomenon, and I was totally blown by the creativity! PogoMix is basically some dude who is a downright genius when it comes to capturing and mixing sounds, and we've been moving to his music all month long! We turn them up in the afternoon after Freida comes home from camp, and we all go nuts dancing to the beats and laughing from the "mix" sounds. It was particularly awesome to show Freida how the mixing is done - she's such a little sponge, and her creativity radar is spot-on. She loved the concept of capturing sounds (perhaps this will be her newest career choice - after Tattoo Designer, and Grove Performer :)), and was fascinated by the fact that you can make music using anything! She asked a bajillion questions about it, so I let her watch the video About Pogo. If you and your brood are into music, or you have a son or daughter interested in DJ/mixing/producing definitely introduce them to the sounds of Pogo.

Here's the Mary Poppins mix:


Here's another one of my favorites:


And here's About Pogo:



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