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Babyccino In Space!

Just wanted to put it out there. If any of you want to join our mod moms meet on Monday mornings, now's the time! We're already 3 weeks into our Spring series, but there is still an astronomical amount of outer-galactic fun to be had!! Here are the deets: babyccino in space

While creating this space-themed series, I spent lots of time browsing the www in search of any and all creative concepts revolving around space, galaxies, planets, elements, and anything other-worldly. There is such a plethora of creative people and projects out there - doing creative research like that always makes me reflect on what a magical place the internet is!!

There were many many things that caught my eye, but this animated short film by Pixar called La Luna, totally stole my heart - the way a great film should. Enjoy!

P.S. We also had a great time with these simple yet wonderful sensory discoveries: Moonsand, Galaxy Dough, and Space Putty (scroll down a bit)!

Book of the Week: The Mitten

The Mitten So, I'm not complaining. But the weather here has been driving me crazy! A few weeks ago I got an email from Freida's school asking the parents to please send in winter coats, scarves, gloves, and hats! Meanwhile, last Sunday we were swimming all afternoon in our friends pool (thanks Lay!). The weather weirdness has me constantly checking to make sure I bring all of the above with me before leaving the house (with the kids in short-sleeve tees and flouncy little skirts!), and has left our skin (and electric bill!) in limbo as we go from heat to air nonstop. Anyways! As I said, I'm not complaining :)

Rummaging through previous year's winter stowaways has been fun and nostalgic (remembering our freezing cold trip to Chicago!), and Freida was so excited to pull out her little mittens! Mostly because of her infatuation with the book The Mitten. And I have to admit, the story is wonderfully enchanting and endearing...


The Mitten is a Ukranian folktale about a boy who drops his mitten in the snow and one by one animals snuggle inside the mitten for warmth, and Jan Brett draws upon the young readers to be imaginative and inquisitive with her animal descriptions and specifications. Freida loves asking "I wonder why they made room for the owl? Ohh because of his sharp nails!" etc. I love reading books that involve the readers, and Freida loves when I initiate a conversation based on the story - this book is the perfect aid to that.


Plus, famous books like this one always seem to have heaps of learning activities connected to them. Check out these ideas for doing a proper unit on winter and "the mitten".

Paper Play

One of the reasons I completely adore hanging out with kids is that they are constantly reminding me to appreciate the littlest joys in life. Like, shredded paper, for example.

I had originally bought few packs of crinkle-cut packaging paper for my Babyccino "postman" class. And the kids had a really great time messing around with it there - literally, it ended up in every corner of the room! I had stuffed some of it back into a ziploc bag and whipped it out yesterday to entertain Hudi for a bit on a whim...

I had no idea it would be this much fun! Watching her play with the stuff was totally the highlight of my day, maybe even my week! She was so involved and excited and stimulated! Plus, she didn't even try to eat it!

Seriously, this smile is totally worth the few bucks it costs to buy some sensory stimulants! I'm definitely going to be looking into some more common-use materials for her to play with... But for now, here's a link for crinkle cut paper!

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