Get Your Pink On!

Birthday party- as celebration of Motherhood...!

Nothing like celebrating the first year of motherhood (not to mention getting through a year of sleepless nights, ever sprouting teeth, an overdose of vegetable purees, and late night runs for those ever vanishing diapers...)!  I think we deserve to celebrate in style - throwing a chic little shin-dig for our own accomplishments as much as our baby's. And after a year of her bringing us this much joy, filling each and every day with heaps of smiles and happiness; she deserves so much more than a little party in the park!

We threw a "Get your Pink On" party for Freida at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills on a (thankfully!) sunny Sunday afternoon. Complete with totally oversized pink balloons, spray roses, pink lemonade, wonderful - and food coloring free - light pink strawberry buttercream cupcakes (recipe forthcoming).

We also gave out a CD (sure trumps a bag full of candy) to all of our guests. A mix of Freida's favorite first year hits - from Elmo to Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley and Laurie Berkner... who doesn't need some new hip kids tunes for the car?? I'd also like to thank Abby over at StyleMePretty for the wonderful bubble concept (I ordered tea tins online from here, printed labels, twisted out some pipe cleaner blowers, filled with bubble solution, and tied it all up with some craft rafia)!

Looking forward to another beautiful year as a mom! Can't wait to see what each new day will bring - she's quite the fireball and always full of surprises!

Love you FreidaFroo!!!

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