After Hours: Table for Two

When a "date night" doesn't quite fit into the weeks agenda, or when it's obviously necessary that we need some together-time (stat!); we sneak in a little last minute "table for two". Simple to set up, quick to cook, and easy to execute! Yes, I know we only have a 15 month old at home, and I know we have only been married for a few years... Yes, I know it gets harder and harder to make these things happen, but everyone agrees that the harder it gets to set aside time together - the more desperately it's needed! So, here's a little scheme that works for us. After the kids are asleep, set up a little wine 'n dine table for two - and savor some "dating" action right at your own kitchen table! There's something beautiful about a meal that serves only two, and something magical about gazing at each other through glowing candlelight (even if the baby monitor is right next to you). With some extra effort you can jazz up the family dinner for you romantic evening later, or you can cook up some special (keep it easy!) recipes ahead of time. My dinner-for-two menu of choice is: soup, salad, and steak (the soup and salad you can borrow from dinnertime, and the steaks I defrost the night before, stick in a ziploc bag to marinate all day, and throw in on broil for all of 10 min)!! I pick up a bottle of wine from Trader Joe's during my afternoon walk with Freida, and my husband and I have a beautiful last-minute dinner to be enjoyed à deux. So when you can't fit in the time to go out - sneak in some time to stay in!

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