I'm thinking it's quite ESP of me to have posted that 20th Century Seating last week.... When my husband came home one night recently with a big box he called an "awesome surprise", I was rather skeptical. Funny how they seem to shock us with their perfect timing, just as we begin to think that there's no way they know what we want - here you have it - he unveils this wickedly awesome Eames Arm Shell Rocker (!), something I had coveted since I was a wee little girl... Mr. Levy, you simply rock (especially when über awesome gifts are involved)!!! : )

P.S. Craigslist - BNIB!! Doesn't get any better...!

Threw some Anthropologie pillows (that I had since 10th grade) on it for now, but I'm looking for something a bit more special, a little less color... Hmmm, let the search begin!

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