Brushing up on Tech...

A week before Pesach, and still not through the full home cleaning spree. Finding more and more things that I never thought of as "dirty", and looking for ways to make this process more efficient; I came across the keyboard/computer issue. Not that it's downright filthy, but have you ever popped off your keyboard (to install more RAM, maybe?), and seen the complete dust and smut disaster underneath?? It's truly inredible! Which made me realize how obviously dirt ridden the home computer actually is. Face it, next to doorknobs, it has the most hand-traffic of anything else! I had been wiping it down every so often, but the dust was just out of control!! So I brushed up on some keyboard cleaner products, and my search finally landed me happily on this one from the New York Botanical Gardens Shop: an oiled beechwood handle featuring natural bristles for easily cleaning between the keys, and the softest goat hair with antistatic perfect for dusting the monitor (read: tv screen, piano, cell phones etc).

Computer Brush $32.00

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