What clothes around, comes around.

Consignment store fans, rejoice! This new website will have you reveling in the exciting retail possibilities now available for your young ones. Eco-Fashion Rocks provides us with a venue to buy and sell children's clothing through the www. Send in gently worn clothing, and receive a bank account transfer for what they're worth - easy as pie! What a wonderful way to ease up on some of our storage space while spring cleaning, or rid ourselves of unworn babygifts etc. all while making an easy buck. Eco-fashion Rocks is also a super-cool place to spot a designer bargain such as this lovely Oilily dress ($23)! There's not much selection on the site right now (though it definitely looks up-and-coming!), but with some searching I came across some great designer pieces from Oilily, Petite Bateau etc. Totally the hottest novelty-retail concept since Ebay! : ) Happy scavenging!

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