Sisters & Slow-Movement

We had a wonderful extended weekend here with my sisters visiting from San Francisco and Scottsdale. My older sister came in from Arizona with her 18 month old fireball-of-a-son (he and Freida were born the same week), and my younger sister drove down the coast with a friend. (Shout out to my husband for handling an all-most-girls-weekend!) We had the most peaceful Shabbos - pouring over magazines, gossiping, eating (a girly, non-traditional, low-carb, low-cal Shabbos menu), chilling, and simply relishing in each others company. The kids played together beautifully- enjoying each others opposite personalities, and experiencing the simple pleasures of a DIY Aero-bed bounce-house. Sometimes it's lovely to take a break from everyday life and appreciate the little things. Having my sisters here (with only the babies) allowed us to focus on ourselves for an extended period of time - trading makeup tips, sharing toning moves, marriage advice, organizational saviors, and of course the latest in baby-issues, gadgets, and activities. : )

(Thanks for making the trek here ladies, sisters are simply the best!!)

Here's some photos of our slow-movement weekend with the kiddos...

Hope your extended weekend was just as lovely!

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