Nix the Jet Blues

Well, our Skokie Summer has come to a close... we'll be jetting out before dinner-time today. We'll sure miss the family, and Freida will definitely miss all the suburban nature, but I must admit - we're ready. We miss our man way too much!! Can't wait to see you, Mr. Levy!! I got some last minute scavenging to do around the house (baby sock matches, neglected finger puppets, Goodnight Gorilla etc.), and got to pack up some dinner-to-go (Bagel Country, anyone??).  I'm figuring since it's a evening flight, the Froo should fall asleep shortly... but I'm probably being unrealistic. Too bad JetBlue doesn't air NickJr, some YoGabbaGabba would surely do the trick! Just in case my slumber plan fails, I packed along some goodies and gimmicks to entertain my little onel in flight. For the many of you traveling with kids this season, check out this post on some of my in-flight favorites. I also wanted to share a newfound favorite toy, Puzzibits from Manhattan Toy. This is a completely awesome activity for a middle school kid! I couldn't stop playing around with them... It's basically flexible 3D puzzle art, allowing kids (or kids at heart!) to construct and create whatever their little heads want. Available for purchase as a megamix bucket, or as single design series (garden, circus, princess, jungle etc.) - great for keeping a little boy/girl super busy at 30,000 feet!

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