Mod Graphics for Lunch!

I'm sure most of you have already started doing at least some minimal school supplies shopping... Camp is soon to culminate, leaving you with a week of at-home entertainment with the kids; not giving you that much time to spend on shopping around for new year goodies. As I said before, I have an infatuation with lunch bags/boxes. As a kid I loved the "fresh start" feeling it gave me carrying a spankin' new lunch tote to the cafateria... Here's my latest favorite: the Dante Beatrix lunch box collection. Made of durable and insulated heavy-duty nylon, these charming animated bags are 100% machine washable, making mom's after hours job 100% easier. I adore the modern prints, and find the colors and bag design totally kid-minded and imaginative. Any little dude would be totally stoked to carry his sustenance 'round in that hip little robot bag! Makes lunch even more lovable...

They have a super cute jr. backpack line out as well. How great are these little guys??

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