Our home is currently under the Extreme Sport spell (I don't think I've seen our DVR light go off since the games have begun!), and I'm sure many of you, specifically those of you with little skater boys, are feeling the Extreme vibe as well. In the spirit of the X-Games 16 going on now at LA's Staple Center, I wanted to post some of the funkiest skating safety gear out there. Watching these dudes fly through the air at mach speed makes me wonder about the safety of all the wee little Tony Hawk fans out there, religiously perfecting their ollies, manuals, and melongrinds. Not sure I'd be so keen on the skating hobby if I had a little boy (or skater girl)... Here's a little something to quell a moms fears; Little Nutty helmets from Nutcase - known to be the only helmets designed to properly fit the head of a child. I'll be honest, they only made me look because of their totally tubular designs (!), but once I read a bit more about them I was completely sold on their safety features as well. Just make sure you check out the Kids Size Chart before purchase. So before you let your little Shaun White impersonator out on the half-pipe, make sure he's as safe as the pros themselves. Moms gotta give in to the hype eventually, and skateboarding has been deemed currently cool.

P.S. If you live in LA and are looking for a great place to take Jr. to practice, check out the Culver City Skate Park. They have smaller ramps for kids and beginners...

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