Playing with Dough

Every once in a while I chuck out our playdough supply (it gets grimy and dirty pretty quickly when used often), and whip up a new batch. (Get the recipe here.) We've been working on Freida's colors (for now she knows blue, yellow, purple, and black... not bad!), so I veered from my usual "neon" coloring and broke out the primaries. And while I did end up staining my favorite board a bit, we had heaps of colorful fun!!!

Wanting to up the anti on this classic activity, I decided to add in another sensory factor; I gave the orange and yellow doughs a nice dash of orange/lemon extract (I though this may probe her to eat it, but she gave up on that months ago). This fun little addition made the simple playtime basic not just a terrific tactile experience, but a fun olfactory exploration as well!

Then we just played around... made some fun little creatures out of all those great colors + a handful of pocket trinkets.

She was really perturbed by the fact that the catterpillar had a penny in his mouth (I should have thought of that one while assembling them with her!)...

When we finally tired out, we retired the dough to their own little disposable Glad® containers for easy long-term storage.

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