Built of Blocks: Roundup!

I can partially blame Freida's building infatuation on the fact that her daddy is an architect, but either way this girl is obsessed with stacking/building & demolishing. She's really not bad at it either. She does get frustrated when she discovers one of her designs is not really spatially possible...  then she just goes all "king-kong" on the entire operation! : ) Here's a roundup of some of my favorite ways to enhance this classic,timeless, and important manipulative.

1. Kido Colored Cubes $40.00

Perfect shades of color, for heaps of good looking construction!

2. Step2 Timber Blocks

We love these blocks! I can't find them available at the moment, you'll have to track 'em down...

3. Green Toys Blocks $24.99

These lego-style building blocks are super for underage architects! Easy to grasp, easy to stack.

4. Muji City in a Bag Wooden Blocks $14.00

Awesome geography extras, to use alone as a play-city or to accessorize their man-made structures.

5. Tree Branch Blocks from Romp $40.00

Warm and earthy, these twig-like builders just may be the ticket to get your little tree hugger focused on a very tactile fine-motor-skill activity.

6. City Blocks by artist, Seth Clark $85.00

These detailed city blocks are sure to up the anti on the creativity-turned-playtime factor. Pricey enough to attempt a DIY, which makes a great painting activity along the way...

7. Handmade (with heaps of love!) ModPodged blocks ($-not yet established.)

I made a fabulous set of wooden blocks while I was pregnant with Freida. I'm thinking about making them to custom order... featuring a huge selection of beautiful paper for each of the 6 sides. Just thought I'd give you all the heads-up. They make wonderful baby gifts (for the child's name etc.)...

(possibly in aleph-beis options as well.) Coming Soon! : )

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