Going "green" Under the Green!

With cardboard furniture a current rage, I figured I'd join the party! Freida had fun helping put up her own little version of a sukkah, decking out the interior, and making an "art show" (freelance marker scribble, stickers, pictures etc.) on the outside walls. I let her mess around with tape and experiment with its stickiness, putting tape on her pictures and letting her have fun sticking them up all over. We just used cutout cardboard (from random boxes), and some green drywall tape (leftover from renovations) for the scach. Cardboard makes for super simple, low-tech play space. Children love having a little fort/house/booth to crawl into and play in; it makes them feel independent and gives some much needed personal space.  We gave ours a corner of the dining room, and Freida crawls under there at random to read a book or two, add a finishing crayola touch, or share some snacks with her "freinds". A great way to (literally) bring a mitzvah to the little guy's level.

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