Tape Happy!

Freida has been overly obsessive about "tape" as of late. She absolutely loves the texture and the concept of the sticky stuff. I cut a bunch of strips of light-weight masking tape and hang them by an edge off a chair - she could play for a loooong time. She goes back and froth from the chair to the wall adding strips of tape to her design. She even learned how to hang up her own art this weekend.

While browsing around for some colorful tape options (which would be more fun, more educational, and definitely nicer to look at all over my dining room walls!), I happened upon some wonderfully charming and novel ideas in the tape industry. Thought I'd share the sticky-joy!

These would make for fantastic gift wrapping options, adorable labeling, and a myriad of imaginative design ideas!

Japanese Washi Tape set, $30.o0

Blogged about this before - and I'm still loving it!! Great for so many things!

MT happy dots pair, $8.00

Hello, new friend! : )

Jewel Tape by Marie-Héléne de Taillac, £7.50

Make a simple box bejeweled!

Optical Illusion Hinge Tape

Now this, is genius!

Have fun!!

* Update: Just got linked in to a fantastic new website that imports almost all the tape goodies from Japan!! Check out HappyTape, for a heaping variety of Japenese washi paper tapes.

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