Foldable Flats

I'm finally caving and thinking of buying my first pair of Tieks... I can't bypass - these shoes were made for me!

I'm sure lots of you are sky-high-heel lovers who prance around comfortably in your stiletto-soles day long (lucky you!!), but I'm not one of those gals! Likely some of you out there can understand the feeling of getting dressed for a night on the town and putting on a great pair of your 3" heels only to find that halfway through your night you're wishing that you had selected another pair of shoes? After a few hours the pain is so bad that walking barefoot in a dirty parking lot seems like a better choice. Happens to me all the time. Check out Tieks - they're hot, chic, and fit in your evening bag (so you can forget forcing your husband to go with you into a random store to buy a pair of gnarly plastic flip-flops)!!


Tieks are great for walking long distances to shul, long days at the office, when dinner turns into dancing, weddings, even under a wedding dress!

Each pair comes with:

  • Signature Tieks box and flower
  • Pouch for folded Tieks
  • Reusable tote for heels
  • Clear pant clips to pin up heel-length pants/skirt

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