Sunny Days: Gone Green

Freida (and I!) have really been enjoying the 41st season of Sesame Street!

At 7am the red light on the DVR box lights up, and within the hour, after sharing AM oatmeal and vitamins, we cuddle up together on the sofa (me - still groggy, sipping coffee) and skim through the episode for our favorite segments: Theme song, intro, mad men, music videos, and of course, Elmo. (Yeah, sometimes she feigns for me to switch to Yo Gabba, but once we get started she laughs on through... and she doesn't stop trying to learn the Elmo Slide!)

Folks,this is definitely not the Sesame Street we all grew up on - it's the iconic characters, classic values, and educationl-factor + a fabulous new and modern artistic view. And (I admit), while some of it is rather on the corny-side of the arts fence, most of this new season seems to be fun, upbeat, and genuinely entertaining! Not to mention so darn educational!!

Here's a sneak peak of some of the seasons highlights:


P.S. I'm loving the Envirosax/Sesame Street collaboration. Only these beloved colorful characters can bring such vibrant cheer to simple re-usable bag! I always have a bag like this stashed deep in my purse - never fails to come in handy!! Extra shopping, farmers market stop, an unexpected set of wet/dirty baby clothes etc., these bags help keep me sane on-the-go.

Environsax Sesame Street Exclusives, from $9.95

Hope your days are sunny!!

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