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It was raining the morning of Freida's birthday party, and while the weather stayed quite clear through the afternoon, I opted to have her get-together indoors (last minute!) due to the wet, muddy elements that would no doubt grace the park. Last minutes stink. So do bad-weather-forecasts. They really do. But we made it happen, and held her 2nd birthday party at our home. Was crowded, but we managed to work out a little something for everybody. We planted the "art" table smack in middle of the kitchen (easier floor cleanup, and a kitchen sink for washing art-covered little hands), all the eats in the dining room, and the Colts/Patriots game going in the living room for the guys (they seem to be the absolute easiest to entertain). We had a Toy Story 3 "screening" (with popcorn) in our bedroom for the older kids, and Freida's room was, naturally, the play zone. It worked out beautifully, and we had a lovely afternoon sharing Freida's 2nd year with family and friends. Unfortunately, the lighting indoors made for horrific photography... thankfully, the Berkowitz family joined in the festivities - along with their photo-shooting Pop, Zalmy. Who, brought along his trusty every-charming-moment-capturing lens! Thanks so much for the priceless photos!!!

How epic is that "skype" picture??? Freida's Bubby was broadcasting birthday wishes live from Chicago. A generation - defined by a moment, captured in a photograph.

I've previously written about the importance of honest photography, and I strongly advise all parents to make the effort in capturing time. Zalmy Berkowitz is an incredibly gifted photographer, who manages to capture the most real and inspiring/ humorous of moments - at the most beautiful angles. An artistic photographer is worth every ounce of effort, time, and money. I promise you, this is the guy you want to snag your greatest images!!  Here's a little peek at his style and some of his work, these are a few of my favoties:

(Yes, it definitely helps that he has his 3 beautiful children as models...!)

You can check out some more of his work on his website, and have at look at what other goodies he offers here.

Happy snapping!

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