Spotlight on: Peter Himmelman

Around here we've recently been enjoying music from Peter Himmelman. Especially his My Green Kite album! As a son-in-law, it's not like he's actually related to Bob Dylan - but the life of his music is definitely akin! His videos are more corny than funny, but the songs themselves are fantastic. Comical and realistic at the same time, Himmelman sure knows how to relate to this generation of kids and even manages to keep them rapt. Between his Curious World with Land of Nod stint last year, and his current "ustreams" of Furious World (which I (nerd-alert!) love to tune into!) - this guy seriously has the whole arts-scene goin' on!! [youtube=]


You can check out more about him, view his music collection, kids albums, and his artwork - here.

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