Dangerous Dress-Up

These images are part of a photo shoot editorial in the latest issue of Vogue Paris. Seriously, what ever happened to little girls?!

Maybe I'm overreacting - are these photos meant to be cute?? The make-up is heavy, the necklines are plunging, and the body language/facial expressions are not what you see when little girls play dress-up! These images are obviously adult-staged and adult-choreographed... Personally, as a mom of a little girl, I find this even more disturbing than appalling.

Welcoming any thoughts on the subject from all you other moms out there...!! Want to know I'm not alone in shock here....

I'm thinking:

- What happens subconsciously when people look at these pictures?

- Can these images make people associate young girls with adult sexuality?

- Can these possibly make us perceive kids as more sophisticated than they really are?

- Will photos like these put inappropriate and unfair pressure on little girls to grow up?

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