Book of the Month: Once Upon a Potty

This week I introduced Freida to one of the most classic female childhood characters - more practical than Cinderella, and less mischievous than Madeline - this little girl is quite the toddler role model: Prudence, from Once Upon a Potty. I learnt about the potty from Prudence when I was about the same age, and I fondly remember those tight black curls and rosy red cheeks; she lovingly taught me about my body and about its' functions.

The author, Alona Frankel, fled post-war Poland and settled in Israel where she wrote this book for her son, Michael. Once Upon a Potty was first published in 1975, and gained international popularity and recognition with the release of the English publication in 1980. She has now sold more than 4 Million copies!!

Charming, straightforward, and humorous; this classic book is a surefire way to ensure your child develops a love for this new and possibly high-stress stage in life. Keeps things smart and simple, and even has a way of making Pee-Pee and Poo-Poo almost beautiful.

P.S. I think it is so funny that her name is Prudence when she is so very far from prude! :)

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