Sick as a Mother!

I'm still grappling with the concept of mothers getting sick... can't seem to come to terms with the fact that this is a normal part of life. At the moment I have only one little tot to care for, and yet my experience during these past few sick days have forced me into complete and utter fear of what goes on when mothers of multiple children come down with the flu! The feeling of climbing out of bed to collect my early-rising cheerful child while feeling like I've been hit by a bus is downright dreadful. Watching her as she tries and tries again to engage me in playtime has been painful. "Dance Mommy! Common Mommy, dance with me!", "Sing with me Mommy! Twinkle, twinkle - your turn Mommy!" etc. At least I know she's got some form of advancing leadership skills!

It's just the idea of a sick "nurturer" that has me thinking it's a twisted concept. Not having the option to "call in sick", or "take the day off" just has a way of making things feel impossible. Even with the amount of help a working husband is able to provide (thank you so much, love!!), it's the everyday tasks that have got me down. Simply put, I don't believe mothers should be allowed to go out-of-commission. It totally bites!

On a happier note, there are some things about living with this viral cough and cold that have been absolutely delicious: living day-in day-out in thermal leggings and my husbands cotton-knit crew neck sweaters, consuming cup after cup of steaming TM teas with spoonfuls of honey and fresh lemon, and my new favorite part of our daily routine; joining Freida in her bath! I'm so jealous she gets to do it every evening - now I too go to bed smelling of french lavender and chamomile bubble bath... I guess being sick brings out some of the simplest pleasures in life - in those moments, lying in a warm tub full of bubbles with my precious little girl in our small and cozy apartment, I honestly can't think of anything better! Except maybe feeling well... :)

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