Bird Feeding Frenzy!

Fortunately, we are blessed with a wonderful "Mommy & Me" that meets weekly out of the Hebrew Academy Huntington Beach. It's held by the ECE director Chanie Perelmuter in the Hebrew Academy Preschool, and it's really quite lovely! This week, all the mommies (and babies) got to paint and decorate a wooden bird house in honor of Shabbos Shira (it is a Jewish tradition to commemorate and thank the birds for "saving the day" once long ago while the Jewish people wandered the desert).

We filled the little birdhouse with the birdseed and hung it outside of Freida's bedroom window.

We had plenty of birdseed left over, so we went on a little nature walk in search of some pinecones. I totally forgot that there are really very few trees that produce pinecones in our neighborhood, so we settled for some spikey Sweetgum berries that had fallen all over one of the sidewalks nearby...

Birds love peanut butter (especially the crunchy kind!), so I gave Freida a spoon and a half empty jar of crunchy peanut butter with flaxseed (flax is usually an ingredient in birdseed recipes anyways). After coating the Sweetgum in a nice thick layer, I let her roll them in the birdseed. We then hung them up beneath the birdhouse for some extra bird-feeding fun.

Freida hung out there calling the birds to what she dubbed as "My Birdie Berries" all morning long! :)

P.S. I'm totally digging this wickedly modern folding birdhouse from Jesper Moller Hansen and Dorthe Weis!! How hot??

Here's to the furry & flighful (I know, that's not a word - but it should be)!!

Wishing you all a fabulous extended weekend!!


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