Superbowl Sunday Snow-down!

Here's how our pre-game Superbowl Sunday went this year:

The boys decided to take the pigskin outdoors from some snowy superbowl fun! Freida and I watched from our cabin perch:

Afterwards Freida was taken for her first winter joy ride:

All afternoon I had to contend with texts from my brother-in-law (we left him the key to our apartment so he could hold the annual Superbowl shin-dig - even though we weren't there to partake)."How do you get guacamole out of the cowhide rug?", was not exactly the most exciting text to get! But, thankfully he was just messing around (I think...).

Then, since the guys got to screen the big game while the ladies attended to dinners, baths, and bedtimes - these beer margaritas would've made for a nice rewarding wind-down (I'll keep 'em bookmarked for next years Superbowl party), but until then - hot chocolate, s'mores, and a crackling fireplace sufficed.

Best Superbowl Sunday by far!!


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