Birthday Date with the Arts

My architecture-loving husband took me out for my birthday this week, and brought me to the most fantastic little indie theatre I've ever been in! The Art Theatre was originally opened in 1924, renovated in art deco in 1934 after the '33 Long Beach earthquake, remodeled again in the late '40's, and finally restored in 2008 using original blueprints with new interior, new sound/vision upgrades and restored exterior including a replica of the 1934 marquee and art deco trademark symmetrical storefronts - now a adjacent wine bar, and coffee shop.

My husband picked me up on his way back from work with some of the best fish tacos on earth, and set out to down-town Long Beach. Voted the #1 Best Indie Theatre in Los Angeles, the Art Theatre usually features Indie documentaries and Sundace busts, but was screening Water for Elephants this month - and he knew I was waiting to see that with him. We had such a fun and adventurous night out - I just love checking out new places with different cultural vibes (plus, the film was phenomenal - I'm now in a totally circus-themed frame of mind!). That teeny-tiny stretch of 4th street was a restored throwback to the iconic Hollywood hot-spot beach town of the '30's, and it was really fun walking into such an epic historical era on a common Tuesday night.

Thanks for the Birthday rendezvous, love!! Was totally up my outing-alley! :)

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