Blackberry + Ginger: Oatmeal

I added some extras to our common breakfast this week, and it turns out I hit the kid-friendly jackpot with this antioxidant-loaded concoction: Oatmeal with honey, some whole milk, blackberries, and a bit-more-than a dash of ground ginger. Freida was wild about it!! I know it sounds odd, but seriously - try it! Was so damn good! Plus, the added nutrients of the berries and the ginger-heat make for a much more fiber-full and beneficial breakfast than the plain ol' instant stuff.

I think this is also a fabulous baby food - especially when trying to introduce little buds to a variety of new tastes. Just cook and puree the blackberries first for babies under 6 months.

(And also note that blackberries have the same allergen rating as blueberries and strawberries, so this is really for the more liberal approach to baby solids...)

To developing little palettes! Enjoy!

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