Tap in: Filter Out

Here's one of the most efficient ways to nix the cases of bottled water. Especially when it comes to all those kid's daily packed luches. Try Bobble. A reusable sport-spout water bottle with a built in filter. Fresh, clean water is now just a tap away!

Available in a variety of sizes, Bobbles are great for moms to stash their H20 fix in their diaper bags, dad's to keep a few on hand in their office, an attractive accessory for a high school locker (and a surefire way to reduce their weekly coffee shop bill!), a grade-schooler's lunchbox, and the tiniest size is easy enough for a pre-schooler to grasp and the spout delivers an steady, but spill less flow.

I'm totally going to upgrade to a water bobble, and start tapping into my free, safe, and ever-flowing tap water.

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