Heart Felt + Aleph Beis

This jar of little felt hearts has been circulating all abouts the web this week, and I've simply fallen in fuzzy little love. One super-cool mom created these warm little lovies to slip into her children's pockets on their fist day of school - so they can literally feel a bit of love and comfort throughout their first day away. How sweet?? You can view her tutorial here. (Also, I think if these were cut out quite a bit larger, this would make a wonderful "plastic needle" project to do with little girls!)

Seeing these little guys brought back something I viewed some time ago on Etsy: A set of Little Felted Aleph-beis! I think this is such a fantastic, tangible, and tactile way to teach early literacy and hebrew familiarity to little children. Wishlisted! :)

(P.S. It's not even fall yet and I'm already on a wool and felt trip...!)


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