Popsicle Memories

Happened upon a lovely little DIY game from eat, drink, chic that makes for the most perfect ode to a summer's end. The classic memory matching game gets a cooler twist with popsicle prints and sticks.

You can click here to download the fabulous PDF. If you're like me and out of colored ink or too lazy to stop into a print shop, all you really need is some popsicle sticks, glue, card-stock, and printed papers. I cut out some popsicle shapes from green card stock (they were actually paint chip samples :) and printed papers, glued them to mini popsicle sticks and in about 10 minutes flat had a brand new super-cute game to play with my littlest girlfriend. Plus, they doubled up as play food, and I'm pretty glad - these simple little cutouts kept her happily busy all morning long! Perfect way to spend a Labor Day afternoon-ing; a delightful game to bid adieu to summer treats and summer feats...

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