(Long) Weekend Round-up!

Hope you all had a fabulous extended weekend and squeezed out the very last essential drops of summertime - just enough to get you through the year! :)

Labor Day always brings about mixed-emotional nostalgia for me. Sad to see summer go and just-happy-enough to head on straight into autumn. And with the Jewish month heralding a bitter-sweet end to the past 12 months and a brand spankin' new year just around the corner... the seasons turn and I'm ready - bring it!

Anyways, while I devise a plan to enhance my new year and create some tangible resolutions, here are a few things I've been meaning to share with you:

- dinosaur trend; an adorably edgy DIY for your tresses.

- the world via Suri Cruz (been laughing at this all weekend)!! 

- cutest-ever lunch labels (PDF) to spice up the brown bag!

- most perfect polish for fall.

- we're currently loving the Green Album!

- most gorgeous 4 piece crib set - still at a measly $71 (!!) someone grab this!

- simple dinner deliciousness!

Hope you're weekend was just lovely!! And best of luck in returning to the trenches....! :)

(P.S. Malibu beach, baby.)

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