Happy Jew Year!

Wishing all you dear, beautiful mamas out there the happiest, healthiest, and sweetest of new years!!

Sending much love to your kitchens, and much comfort to your tired tootsies! :)

I've been feeling so grateful for life and for growth (I can never get over just how much transpires in one year!), and I hope to be granted the serenity to pray in sincere concentration - yet with an open heart and an open mind... Wishing you all the same! May it be a peaceful chag and in turn, a peaceful year. Shana Tova! xx

(I will be observing the holiday of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, the rest of this week and will see you back here on Monday.)

P.S. We found this hilariously perfect plastic shofar in the Target $1 aisle - it was labeled "game horn"! A coat of spraypaint, and some sparkly foam stickers later, Freida has the most girly blinged-out shofar in town! :)

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