Pickles + Ice Cream

It is with huge excitement that I announce to my very dear cyber-world circle of fellow mamas that Manasseh and I are, God willing, expecting our second child! I'm a little over five months along, and it has been almost impossible to keep this quiet - especially at the beginning when I was feeling exhausted and nauseous and having a hard time keeping up (that also had a lot to do with why I had such a hard time when my husband was MIA this summer). Anyways, being this far in, I seem to be over the difficult start-up and immensely enjoying the great satisfaction that comes along with growing a human being - I'm completely over the moon! While my little kick-boxer is now only about the size of a cantaloupe, the jabs and upper-cuts keep me awake at night smiling myself silly. Plus, there is just nothing as special as waking up to a toddler kissing your growing belly and sharing loving wishes to their growing baby sibling...! We just can't wait to welcome our newest little family member into our home with heaps of hugs, kisses, and baby massages! :)

Thanks for putting up with my insane lack of posts this summer, and sticking with me through it! Since I'm obsessively experiencing serious baby-fever, you can all look forward to plenty of pregnancy posts and newborn baby goodies! Can't wait to share the love! xx

P.S. I have honestly been consuming pints of creamy vanilla ice cream and fresh, crunchy Clausen kosher dills. And that's just the start of foodie weirdness going on in this house....!

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