Flower Press

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this lovely idea for a DIY flower press, and thought it was a fabulous way to take a bit of the summer buds with us deep into the fall!

While I wasn't exactly up for the entailed carpentry, I really wanted to press some last-of-summer flowers in order for them to be dried, pressed and ready to deck out a Sukkah! I simply resorted to the old-school method of pressing flowers: a heavy book. :)

Freida was happily interested in joining in the activity and exploring the cut flowers (we simply used our almost-wilted ones from the previous Shabbos). All you need to get pressing is a very heavy book or two, some sheets of tissue paper, and stemless flowers. Layer the tissue paper in between the flower layers and pages so as not to mar the book's print. Close the book when finished and set aside out of little hand's reach. Mark your calendar for 2 week's time (so you don't forget your drying florals!), ans stay tuned for some Sukkah-decor crafts involving already-pressed flowers!

This batch of daisies were surprisingly fragrant (I've noticed most florists seem to nuke the flowers natural scents. For allergie reasons, perhaps?), and so I gave Freida a hammer to muck around with and release the flowery fumes.

Let's just say she rather enjoyed this form of destructive play. :)

Happy pressing!

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