Nix the Nausea

While I'm not quite certain where the term "morning sickness" came from, I genuinely despise the b*tch who came to make us believe that pregnancy nausea is something that dwindles as the noon hour approaches. It should simply be called "sickness" as it can last all day and well into the night! Thought I'd let you ladies in on 8 little things (specifically properties of citrus and ginger) that really seemed to work-it and quell my perpetual nausea:

1. Cranberry Juice Spritzer - Natural cranberry juice + sparkling water = best sunrise to sunset tonic ever. Plus, with no cocktails in long sight, there's no denying what a bright glass of fresh pink sparkle can do for mood swings! :)

2. Tangerines - I must have consumed tress full of these natural sweets! You can always be sure to find one or two of them at the bottom of my day bag; waiting for a their after-meal moment.

3. Diet Hansen's Ginger Ale - a God-sent blessing! This all-natural soda pop features ginger brewed to such an intensity that it actually burns - in the best of ways! Ice cold, with a straw - instant relief.

4. Hubert's Lemonade - this all natural citrus infused refresher is sure to expel the queasiness - specifically the pink raspberry flavor. Plus, it's just another way to stay hydrated.

5. Yogi Ginger Tea - steep one of these glorious bags in a teacup full of hot water, add some honey, and melt away as this intense remedy helps ease your stomach back to pre-pregnancy normalcy.

6. Ice - can't say enough about it's magical prowess. Suck on some to ease an unsettled meal, and add lots of it to everything you drink - the ice-cold factor seems to dispel all feelings of uneasiness.

7. S.Pellegrino Limonata - while this little can of lemony goodness is way too chock-full of sugar to consume on a normal basis, the sheer tartness of this fizzy citrus concoction is extremely helpful in a dire moment on-the-go: you can find this little number in most coffee shops across the country!

8. Grapefruit - nothing helped me more than tearing open and sectioning a mid-morning, perfectly pink citrus fruit!

Hope this little list helps even one of mamas-to-be out there!! Best of luck getting through your next meal! :)

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