My brother (thanks Yossi!!) recently signed me up to a flash-sale website that is by far my favorite of the pack!! Fab.com doesn't just feature whatever gimmicks or gear company is looking to sell out overstocked or underbought items at reduced prices, they get only the hippest and most happening items on the market! Meaning, it's all art over there. Forget browsing through lists of companies being featured on a daily flash-sale (and then googling them to see if they're any good), at Fab they only get the fabulous - and at cheap rates, to boot! This morning I've been ogling over some of their home goods (pregnancy nesting + new space.... let's not go there :)). They have some serious goodies going on right now in the 100+ Best Gifts Under $100 category... check it out! Here's an invite for you all to enjoy, click here to sign on up!

They also happen to have a totally awesome slew of colorful, natural, artistic, and mathematically-charged toys for little hands:

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