The Glow

While browsing the www for some chic, new maternity threads (it's time), I happened upon a simplistic photo-themed website called The Glow. While there is nothing particularly extraordinary about this collection of images, to me there is something so intrinsically magically maternal within these shots; everyday motherhood, and the shine that comes with it.

I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way, but somehow I find that our circle of religious mothers seem to perpetually focus on the rigorous aspects of motherhood; from negative body changes, to no-sleep cycles, to loss of social life, to malnutrition due to lack of time etc. Generally speaking, there is plenty of kvetching going on. And while the complaints may all be more than validated, without focusing on the wonder as well - it simply takes away from the essential beauty that comes within the gift of mothering a child.

I know I may very well be one of those people who live in a dream world, and have a la-dee-da attitude about life, but it works for me. Finding the good and beauty and the whit and the whimsy makes me feel good. It makes me function well. And, as a bonus, it makes me happy. It may not always be the easiest thing for me to do, especially when I'm looking at a just-been-cleaned room strewn with toys, or a sensory exploration gone awry all over the subjects clothing and hair, or an early-morning wake up call after a rather sleepless night... but there is always something within all of that that can bring about a smile.

There's always some glory within the mess to wonder about. There is always a cheeky 2 year old smile, a witty and genius kid-sized response to the wrongdoing, a set of pudgy little hands reaching up for an embrace... it's all there within the day-to-day rigor of parenting in general, and mothering in particular.

I may need a grande latte to get to that vantage point, but when I'm there - everything is better. And more beautiful. And when we're looking at beauty, we radiate beauty. If we choose to look at the agony, that's what we'll look like. Our bodies may be warping, but if we choose to keep our self-image intact throughout the many changes, we will in fact be more beautiful than ever before.

I know I'm ranting. More to myself than to you all, but this little collection of glamorous photography has inspired my morning! :)

So weather you are packing up perpetual lunches for your 5 children, whipping up a gourmet breakfast for your one and only, or rubbing your first growing belly, try to find that glow! And capture it.

Well I'm off to the park for the next few hours with my baby girl and my baby bump! Wishing you all a glamorous day in the motherhood! :)


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