Painted Pink

I've been coveting the concept of a pink accent wall for at least a year now, and while we never had the guts (or the need) to re-paint our lovely green living room wall in our previous apartment, once here surrounded by "renter's white" - we  finally gave it a go! We launched 2012 in a super-bright way this past Sunday - via a coat of hot pink paint in the living room!

I won't deny that once the day went on and the pink shade deepened, I did start to freak out a tiny bit. :)

I kept wondering if it looked too dollhouse-y next to the white walls and couch, or thinking it totally clashed with the orange-y wood flooring, or that it simply wasn't a "hot" enough pink. Thankfully, I already know a thing about painting walls - you almost always freak out from the color at first. It takes a few days of living in it, and a few different light settings before you can truly decide if you like it or not...

After living in it for almost a week now, the only thing I know for certain is that I really love pink as an accent, and that I really to change out my lightbulbs for white light - the slightest yellow tinge against this color looks just awful! :)

That evening a friend of mine (thanks Layla!) sent me an email linked to the Apartment Therapy pink round-up, and it just  reinforced my love for this warm girly hue! Here's why:

And if you find yourself falling in love with the pink but overwhelmed with the concept of wall color, try accenting:

We'll be continuing our redenzvous with color throughout the house tomorrow (including bright yellow in the kitchen!), and I'll make sure to post some pics of the complete pink wall once it is finished (read: furnished). :)

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