This is where we were a week ago, today. In total awe and gratitude over the birth of our new beautiful baby girl, Yehudis.

While she looks like quite a chunkster in this post-birth photo, she only weighed-in at 5.13 :)

And it's the most precious 5 pound bundle on earth.

While Freida adjusts to her new baby doll sister (she is over the moon about the baby, not so much about the changes), and I rest up here at home while bonding with the sweetest big-eyed, button-nosed little lady, I just wanted to let you all in on the birth of our newest family member, and let you know that, thank God, we are doing just great!

For now, my mom is here taking care of us - feeding me nonstop and spending an impeccable amount of time playing with Freida and giving her heaps of much-needed attention. I've been sleeping and sleeping and trying my best to stay off my feet and listen to my mothers orders. :)

I really want to write up the birth story (as well as finally write up Freida's birth story), and post a few pregnancy posts that have been sitting in my draft box for over a week! I hope to do so as soon as I'm up for a bit more screen time, but for now I'll just leave you with a few pictures of the new baby, and a promise to write more about it all later...


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