Sisters + Previous Purim Posts

Due to my current condition (confined to my home, determined to rest and recover) as a new mom (while it's the most wonderful state to be in - nuzzling a newborn bundle all night and day - I admit I am going a little stir-crazy), I am so glad that I have had Freida's Purim costume hanging idly in her closet since October! :) I happened upon a charming little bumble bee costume on clearance post-Halloween, and knew I'd likely be housebound post-birth by the time Purim came around, and I was grateful to find a perfectly non-handmade getup for my dress-up-loving 3 year old.

So thankfully, I'm immensely relaxed about Purim - and all the DIY's that can come with it! :) Sending my husband on a quick run for some chocolate rocks (to go at the bottom of 4 plastic planters for Freida's "flower" Shalach Manos she'll be giving her little friends at Gan) is the one and only thing on my Purim to-do list. Which leaves me ample time to cultivate a loving bond between Freida and her brand-spanking-new little sister. Naturally, Freida's been emotional over the changes and novelties that have entered our home... she had a few temper tantrums, and is generally acting like a hormonal teenager - seriously PMS all day long. The slightest offense can send her whimpering and weeping all the way to her room - door slamming behind her. It's awfully endearing, and rather adorable - but at times it makes me sad about how much emotion she must be dealing with in order to get her to that point. Thankfully, her sister gets to see a much brighter side; Freida has been amazing with the new baby! I guess she figured she can take out her frustration on me and leave the baby out of it (thank God!!). She's gently and affectionate and protective, and an all-around great big sister, and I'm just entranced by watching the bond between them unfold...


On the blog front, I'm feeling kind of guilty that I'm not doing much for Purim and have virtually nothing to share with you all, I thought I'd go through some of my old Purim posts and link them here for you - all on one page:

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Hope all your over-the-weekend Purim planning goes swimmingly! Joy to the happy holiday!!

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