Indian Princess: from Play to Go

I don't know if ya'll (sorry - I'm Scotty-ed out!) remember when I posted about a fantastical collection of childrens goods over at a boutique called Wovenplay, but they had been featuring the most darling feathered headband (keeping with the feather trend!) and I've been waiting for it to hit rock-bottom sale since last spring! It still hasn't made it that far, running somewhere between $54-$44 (here, here, and here), and after creating a little feather headdress for Freida's Indian-Princess Purim costume I thought I'd tweak the headband a bit - so it can function from dress-up play to day-out accessory - before giving it to my little costume loving lady. I went with this Wovenplay inspiration:

And - for about 7 bucks - landed this:

I used a sequined headband (I had bought a pack of 3 for $1 at Forever21), scrapbook gems and craft feathers from an art supply store, a strip of craft felt, and some hot glue to hold it all together. Voilà! :)

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