Talking about my sister, I've been meaning to share a rather surprisingly entertaining baby toy with you. Right after Hudi was born Shterni drove out here to see the new little lady and recrute my mom to Arizona. She came with a bag full of goodies - for me, Freida, the baby, the house - but one of her gifts struck gold in baby-land: this crinkle toy. Hudi has been in awe of the thing ever since I started strapping it to the side of her car seat or stroller - she's mesmerized. It even brought about her first coo! The baby-love equation is easy: a simple square of fabric filled with crinkly material, a velcro strap for a pacifier (i use it to attach the toy to a baby link), a bright-colored button to fiddle with, and a strip of tag-like knotted fabric to suck on, bite on, or simply grab. Turns out, Kathe Kruse is kind of a baby toy whisperer. Also, I love how the embroidered pattern is so design-y. Most kids toys look like bulky, fun, and outrageusly ugly; this one looks like a sample of Missoni fabric!!

I can't imagine a baby not liking this - makes a great baby gift!!

P.S. Don't you love how Hudi's fat baby legs make the perfect spot to stash Freida's sipster?? :)

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