Weekend Round-up!

What are you up to this weekend? I've been breathing in some fresh free air - I have a week or two in between work projects and it feels so good to have no deadlines this week and just to take it slow and easy... On the other hand, in my free time I've been thinking about and chalking up some "family goals" for the summertime (give Freida swimming lessons, start Hudi on solids, lose 10 pounds, sleep-train both girls etc.), and while it's lots like a bucket list - it's not nearly as much fun, and much, much more rewarding. While I take a break from thinking about goals, here are a few things I thought you might enjoy:

- Do you watch Parks and Recreation? I just love Amy Poehler!!

- This totally made me laugh!

- The cutest DIY play kitchen ever!!

- Taking color-wheels for granted...

- How genius are Tube toys?

- I'm smitten by dots.

- 50 shades of fabulous :)

- Hoping Freida goes for Gazpacho - summer lunch at it's best!

- What guy wouldn't love to entertain with these as cocktail kickers?

Anyways, enjoy your weekend - hope it's filled with heaps of summer-y promise!

P.S. There is no ice cream in town better than this guy's! I swear - you'll be in old-school creamery heaven!

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