Weekend Round-up!!

I'm having one of those weird Sundays... The ones where nothing really happens, and nobody really wants to go out. So we end up staying in thinking we'll be relaxing and watching movies all day, which obviously doesn't happen because, well, we have kids. So then we just end up lounging in the back, complaining - to keep ourselves busy, and eventually cracking up from Freida and her attempts to snap us out of it. :)

Today we ended up caving to her "bike wash" - there was just no way to say no to her; bikini-clad, on her radio flyer trike, pink goggles on and all! So we cranked up the sprinkler and got on line for the ride. Anyways, while I take a few minutes break to dry off and feed my 4 month old brood who just woke from her afternoon nap, here's a few links I've been loving:

- Paint chip animals look like a great doctors office activity! (you can even bring along a crayon and draw up a farm on the paper-covered exam table.)

- Sandbox up-cycling. #iWish

- Can't wait to drive to Arizona to meet my new niece this weekend!! Freida is staying behind for this trip, but if she were coming along I would totally attempt this!

- This deliciousness should help jumpstart my "lose 10 lbs" summer goal!

- I found the two sides of his face fascinating.

- Denim + Blueberries - perfect.

Hope your Sunday was better than mine!! :)

Happy summering!

P.S. This bubble machine creates instant backyard magic!

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