5 Years of Love

Today marks 5 years since this post-wedding party stolen elevator kiss (that some mach-fast invisible photographer managed to snap!). :)

Sometimes it feels like we've been married forever, as if I can't remember life without him. And other times I feel like we just met, as if it were mere weeks ago that we moved our status from "friends" to "relationship"... Marriage seems to be magical like that: you live together, eat together, sleep together, birth children together, cry, laugh, and grow together, and you wake up one morning feeling like blood relatives. And then you don't. You feel vulnerable and organic again, suddenly; it's as if you just met, falling in love again. I love the ins-and-outs, the ups-and-downs - of course I'd pick the ups over the downs! - but it's the journey together that really enables us to evolve as a couple, to fuse together as a family.

You know how there's different elements for different anniversaries (silver, gold etc.)? Well, 5 years is wood, my favorite element by far. Earthy, raw, rustic, and natural - wood makes me thing of growth, and the 5 year mark is really still about building on the foundation of love and respect. I'm so blessed to have found such a special man to build with, and I feel so lucky that we respect each other enough to build on the young love and enhance the way we work and live together, and most of all; the way we love.

On the practical side of things, whenever I think about new love (especially with my brother Yossi engaged and all!!), I know that while marriage may be magical, it also takes a tremendous amount of effort and understanding in order to keep it functioning as magically as it should. And on that front, here are the 3 books that I'd suggest every girl/bride/woman read: Men are from Mars, Kosher Sex, and The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. And while those books may not be filled with mind-blowing novelties, having them in my repertoire of tools when caught under marital duress has proven priceless!

Also! A while ago I read a Huffington Post article that resonated so well with me! Here are 15 of the best marriage tips ever, enjoy! :)

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