Fall Soup

Fall tends to bring with it a myriad of colds, flus, and generally runny noses. My kids have been sick non-stop this season! Freida's teacher keeps telling me it's because it's her first year in preschool, subject to so many different germs and bugs etc. but when it's late at night and the coughing ensues, again!, I find myself wondering about her immune system capabilities... And Hudi naturally picks up whatever big sister is carrying. It's been messy. And while they've been on a constant round of Vitamin C, Sambucus (thanks Rachey!), Multi-Vs, Echinacea, and Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup :) the sniffles are still as elusive as ever. So we've been trying some "healing through food" via organic autumn garden bounty.

I've been sautéing up (any seasonal goodness I can get my hands on at the farmers market or in the organic section at Trader Joes), boiling, blending, and seasoning all month long. Seriously anything goes. Start with onion-y things like garlic, onions, leeks etc. and make your way through any variety of autumn root vegetables like squash, pumpkin, yams, turnips, parsnips etc. throw in some apples, break out your immersion blender and add a shot of curry, maple, or cinnamon. Serve up hot with a sprinkling of roasted pumpkin seeds, toasted croutons, or even some raisins to get little palates tasting!

And of course, if you're not feeling the random spontaneous ingredient mashup, here is a link to 10 wonderful fall vegetable soups!

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