Perfect Puzzles

A few years ago I posted here about Kid O puzzles, the most aesthetically awesome and most practical puzzles on earth. But when Freida was actually ready for them, they seemed to be discontinued and I couldn't find them anywhere! On my latest trip to Scottsdale I scored the "fractions" puzzle for $3 in my favorite kids consignment shop "KID to KID" (seriously, I think about driving to Arizona just to shop there!!), and Freida is now totally hooked on fractions!

Seeing how well-made and kid-loved this puzzle is got me searching once more for the rest of the original Kid O puzzle family  (on the Kid O website there are plenty of puzzles, but none even come close to the greatness of their originals!). And so, after a wild web hunt, I managed to track down most of their versions somewhere online. Here they are, grab 'em while you can:

Narrow to Wide Puzzle, Short to Tall Puzzle, Fractions Puzzle, Shades Puzzle. Enjoy!

She sure does!! :)

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